The solution for better
internal and external communication

The YesClient application aims to create harmonious relations with customers,
in order to close more deals, increasing sales flow of your business.

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Get organized

Make better management of your contacts and accost all your customers and potential clients, filtering your list of activities and perspectives of business that really matter.


Close more deals! Have a visioning under your company, for reports, sales, customer relations and all the indications you need to manage your business and your sales.

Save time

Win time and save money, thanks to YesClient tool you can manage your business from anywhere, on any device with internet access.

From the source to the achievement of business

With YesClient you can count on a complete package for managing customer relations. With the app you will be able to manage and filter all information and data for each client, contacts, the opportunities of deals and all the tasks, that you will perform over the long term.

You can also filter all the information outlined by origin, status, priority and specific category.


The right tool!

The various features and interactive handling of the application make YesClient the ideial tool for managing your business, managing the entire process until its completion. With YesClient can manage:

  • Contacts through lists and filters
  • Organization of all business processes and their status
  • Reports on each bargain through graphics
  • Tasks and upcoming appointments on the calendar
  • The sales funnel
  • Surveys
  • Sources and priorities, etc.
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